The theme for the 9th annual Agile Games 2018 is High Performing Teams, Start with Psychological Safety.

Google's Project Aristotle showed that team performance is indicated by one primary attribute: Psychological Safety - the degree to which team members can speak up without fear of retribution. Amy Edmondson has shown that psychological safety and accountability create the most productive teams. This conference will explore ways to use serious games to significantly improve team performance by increasing psychological safety and other key attributes.It will focus on using games, collaborative activities and interactive exercises to support the values, principles and practices of lean and agile.

This 3-day event will feature interactive sessions that allow attendees to gain hands-on experience in using games to help better understand agile values & principles. The program also typically includes sessions where games & exercises are used in applied settings supporting software development and business agility – examples include: using games for product design, road mapping, team chartering, etc. 

Full Program coming soon!!!