Agile Games - Workshops


Presented by: Mariya Breyter

World is imperfect but we have a chance of making it better by innovating and using our creativity.
At last year's Agile Games, I shared my Agile Creativity game which enables problem solving, and the feedback from the audience was super positive. I've heard from several of participants that they are using this game to solve complex problems enabling agility in their enterprises throughout the year.



Presented by: Kim Pfluger and Jonathan Odo

Executives and managers can turbocharge an Agile Transformation...or stop it before it even starts. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “how come they don’t get it”, then this game is for you.
Click here to read about user stories for marketing teams.


Presented by: Michael Nir and Wendy Wong

Move beyond the labels!
Do you have a Team Charter? Do you use it?
Fact is - many teams have had a team charter-like activity or discussion - however it mostly stays as a generic declaration of terms rather than an operative tool.


Presented by: Savvy Katham

People deliver. Period. However, if people are understood they will deliver MORE.
Empathy Map game focuses on understanding teams (people) and their thoughts and taking necessary action as needed. It helps teams to express emotions that they encounter through out the project execution.

Closing Activity

Presented by: Jason Tice

Interactive session where participants work in small groups to share what they have learned visibily and then in groups make action plans of what they are going to do with it - will also include a full conference retrospective with a Dinosaur


Presented by: Todd Charron

Are you as powerful as you need to be? Do you over power the room and rub people the wrong way?
Why is that? What if there was something you could do about it?
In improvisation, in order to create realistic and compelling characters we study status. That is, how does how we carry ourselves impact our relationship status with other people and how does it change in relation to others?


Presented by: Damon Poole and Gillian Lee

Agile helps you to deliver what’s valuable to the customer faster. You can capture, prioritize, communicate, and deliver that value with good user stories. In our experience, a major impediment to writing good user stories in the real word is a lack of example stories.  
Click here for the User Story Game materials.


Presented by: Stacey Dyer

How many times have you sat through a brainstorm session and melted under the table only to hope you can crawl out the door with ninja-like stealth? Brainstorming doesn't have to suck, but sometimes it does because people have a hard time breaking out of their usual thought process. 
Blow up the brainstorm barrier with WWXD: What Would X Do?


Presented by: Laura Powers and Jenny Tarwater

When everything comes together – an Agile games session can be pure magic.  You can almost see the light bulbs go on over participant’s heads as they share a visceral experience and ensuing “Aha” moments with their group.  In an instant, perspectives on work shift and sometimes even a person’s life view is transformed. What a rewarding experience for everyone!


Presented by: Marah Rosenberg and Spencer Arritt

Ok, now that you're all agile improv experts, how can you use this in your meetings?  In this 75 minute interactive workshop, we'll take some of the basic improv games and skills from our last workshop and expand upon them to use with teams.  The focus will be on leveraging games to shine a light on common team dynamics and enhance or break those patterns to create a healthier and happier team environment.
Click here for the Worksheet from the session.