Presented by: Stacey Dyer

How many times have you sat through a brainstorm session and melted under the table only to hope you can crawl out the door with ninja-like stealth? Brainstorming doesn't have to suck, but sometimes it does because people have a hard time breaking out of their usual thought process. 
Blow up the brainstorm barrier with WWXD: What Would X Do?
WWXD is great for:
  1. Getting people to break down the barriers to creative thinking #outsideofthebox
  2. Getting people to laugh
  3. People who love superheroes from Winston Churchill to Iron Man
  4. Get people to think about what someone other than them would want. (People sometimes feel more comfortable sharing ideas in this way.)
Learn how to kickoff your next brainstorm session with a bang by getting teams to think like Wonder Woman, your mom, dad, Trump, Steve Jobs, or your favorite Kardashian.