Presented by: Mariya Breyter

World is imperfect but we have a chance of making it better by innovating and using our creativity.
At last year's Agile Games, I shared my Agile Creativity game which enables problem solving, and the feedback from the audience was super positive. I've heard from several of participants that they are using this game to solve complex problems enabling agility in their enterprises throughout the year.
This year, I want to share an innovation game called "Bust the Mold" that has never been applied to Agile before. 
In this highly participatory workshop, we will co-create a new view on common Agile beliefs and challenge familiar concepts using the "Bust the Mold" technique. This innovative crowd-sourcing tool was first introduced by a pioneer in creative learning, Rob Cordova, and has not been applied in an Agile environment outside of Dun & Bradstreet where I work.
The workshop is facilitated in small groups without any limit of participants. It generates a lot of laughter, new ideas, and practical concepts that can be immediately used. Everyone has a chance to actively participate. Participants move around the room, constantly contribute new ideas, challenge stereotypes, and engage in building the shared vision.
During the workshop, participants will come up with experiments and new ideas to validate. Everyone leaves the workshop with a positive feeling of contributing to old concepts in a new, highly innovative way.
The workshop is relevant to any level of Agile experience - from beginners to most experienced participants because it is all about collaboration and innovation!