Agile Games Conference

Jenny TarwaterDeep Dive

Presented by: Jenny Tarwater


Join us in a highly-interactive session that will bring Sharon Bowman’s books Training from the Back of the Room & Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick to life. Although the books are great, nothing compares to seeing these strategies in action.

Jonathan OdoDeep Dive

Presented by: Jon Odo

Most of us agree: supporting safety, risk taking, and open communication leads to high performing why don’t we all do it? I don’t have the answer, but I believe collectively, we just might! Let’s PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) a few games, and see if we can find the answer together.

Andrea Chiou


Presented by: Andrea Chiou

Let’s hack your inquiry skills! Clean Language is a set of non-leading coaching questions and can be used with amazing results in teams. With a handful of exercises, I’ll teach how to pay more attention to each other to create a sustainable system of learning, inquiry, and support. 


Lizette Morris


Presented by: Lizette M. Morris


As a theatre artist I have amassed a robust toolkit that I use in my work as an Agile Coach; it helps me create space to quickly build implicit trust. We will incrementally and collaboratively improvise a story, practicing trust, verbal/non-verbal feedback and bravery in the face of the unknown.

Andrea ChiouAndrea is an Agile coach (Scrum and Kanban) who lives in the Washington DC. She helps to foster connection and engagement in less engaged teams by teaching intentional and (initially) structured communication techniques. She’s a founding member of the Greatness Guild, an Agendashift partner, a supporter of Open Space Agility and is the owner of Connections At Work, LLC. She loves to blog, travel, play the flute, and speak French, German and Chinese whenever she has time.