Mob Programming Conference

Copyright Andrea Zuill 2015

April 12-13, 2018 Burlington, MA


Join us for two days of hands-on workshops and peer learning with talks from the founders of Mob Programming. We will bring some of the most experienced “Moberators” (Mob Programming mentors) to Boston so that you can learn through immersion why this is so motivating and productive at the same time. New this year: We’ll have sessions not only for programmers, but for managers and leaders also.

Mob Programming is 6 years old now and it’s catching on all over the world. Mob Programming emerged from the efforts of a team that was focusing on learning how to work well together. They didn’t set out to invent Mob Programming - it simply grew out of exploring better ways to work harmoniously. This will be a global gathering that seeks to grow it even further with the contributions of people from all over the world who are doing Mob Programming regularly and helping others do it.

While working this way seems counter-intuitive, and people often ask “how can 5 people be productive working at one computer?”, we could just as well ask “how can we be productive if we separate the people who should be working together?”  The problems of today are often bigger than one person alone can handle so the skills of teamwork and collaboration are becoming more and more important for all of us.

Teamwork is not only for programmers and those involved in creating software, but also for managers and leaders. Learning to embrace, support, and embody this new level of teamwork is important to all of us. When we do, everyone can excel in their work, and in their life. We’ll have sessions specifically for managers and leaders to learn how Mob Programming works, and to explore how they can best support their teams, and extend these ideas and practices beyond coding.


For more info on what Mob Programming is, see What Is Mob Programming?


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