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Every member of the Corgibytes team is a consummate problem solver. We love tinkering, testing, and turning frustration into relief. Some call us craftsmen. Others, code whisperers. We just have a knack for identifying problems and building solutions. Spaghetti code? We love it. Or, at least making it better.

Agile Alliance Mission Statement

Agile Alliance supports people who explore and apply Agile values, principles, and practices to make building software solutions more effective, humane, and sustainable. We share our passion to deliver software better every day.


Find out what initiatives The Alliance is supporting and how you can get involved. Initiatives are proposed by members to the Board of Directors, who ensure that they fulfill the vision, meet the mission, and support the values of Agile Alliance.

It’s simple: Our business is helping you promote yours.

Vistaprint, a Cimpress company, empowers millions of business owners worldwide to market themselves professionally. Our wide range of quality products and affordable prices, along with design tools suited to every skill level and need, mean everyone can create the customized materials they need to get their message across. And it all started the way most businesses do, with one entrepreneur’s ambitious goal.

About 20 years ago, Robert Keane wanted to give small business owners access to the same high-quality, custom-printed products that bigger companies (with bigger print budgets) enjoyed. He developed a patented technology that delivers professional-quality printing in small quantities, affordably. Next, he took a process that was traditionally only available offline and made it possible for business owners to create and order their custom materials online – from the convenience of their own computers.

Millions of customers (and billions of business cards) later, we’ve greatly expanded our offerings and advanced our technology, and our commitment to helping you promote your business is stronger than ever. We’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with our products, quality, design experience and attentive service. In fact, it’s absolutely guaranteed.


Training videos.

With personality.

For software professionals.

Clean Coders is the leading producer of instructional videos for software professionals, taught in a way that both educates and entertains developers. Founded in 2010 by Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin and Micah Martin, Clean Coders has expanded to include a myriad of authors teaching an ever-increasing array of subject matters pertaining to clean code. Our training videos have inspired countless viewers to become the best developers they can be.


We provide services built on modern software delivery practices and techniques. These practices from the lean and agile communities lead to software that is clean, simple and effective. Whether we build your project or provide learning services to your team, the result is code that is clear, expressive, tested, and valuable.

These services include:  is an in-kind sponsor of this conference by sending Woody Zuill to be a speaker and mentor.


Microsoft New England

The Microsoft New England Research & Development Center is a research and software innovation campus located in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

With teams of the most dedicated people in the industry, events that showcase the latest ideas in technology, and a true sense of communityworking here is more than a job — it's all about the experience.


Agile New England

What is Agile New England?

Agile New England (formerly Agile Bazaar) is the leading community of Agile enthusiasts, practitioners and learners in New England. Based in Boston, we are committed to fostering a greater knowledge of the Agile values and practices. Serving the Agile community since 2002, our goals are to broaden the understanding and professionalism of our members, and to increase the effectiveness and competitiveness of software development organizations in New England. 

Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of every month 6:00pm - 9:00pm at Constant Contact in Waltham, MA. Agile 101 and Kanban 101 courses are held from 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM. The main presentation is generally from 7:05 PM - 8:20 PM. There is food and networking before the main presentation, then announcements and more networking after.


Agile New England is hosting the 2nd Mob Programming Conference April 06-07, 2017. Mob Programming is a fairly new concept. This conference offers you a good grasp of it with a mix of talks, trying it out, and discussing with your peers.

Join us for two days of workshops and peer learning with talks from the founders of Mob Programming. Conference sponsors will have the opportunity to connect face-to-face with an unusually sophisticated audience. Sponsors will also have their name promoted to over 1,900 Agile enthusiasts on the Agile New England mailing list.