As I (Nancy V.) talked to many of you in between sessions I kept hearing such enthusiasm – one thing was universal as far as I can tell: everyone loved the “bias toward action” as one person put it.  The interactivity of mobbing itself creates energy and insights.  Read on to find out 2 easy ways you can make MP18 an even bigger success, and you’ll find out the one thing we refuse to supply to our attendees!
I want to thank our keynoters Woody Zuill and Rich Sheridan for their inspiring talks. Woody is also a co-organizer, and the two of us were thrilled when Rich agreed to keynote. Our Moberators helped to define the program as well as moberating.  A big thanks to Wendy Closson, Llewellyn Falco, Lennart Friden, and Alex Wilson!  (OK me, too, as a Moberator – and I’m also an organizer of course). None of it could have happened without our many volunteers! 
Mob Programming 2018 will happen next spring!  Our venue host is making changes so we haven’t got the dates yet – you’ll be notified as soon as we do. There are 2 simple things you can do to make the next Mob Programming conference even better:
Help us out!  You don’t have to live in Boston to be a volunteer
You already know you’re going! Buy your ticket early.  It’s refundable.  
By committing early, you enable us to make financial commitments earlier so we can bring the Moberators from all over the world.
How to stay in touch:  email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Send your ideas for improvements, ideas for Mob Programming activities you want announced to all the attendees, ideas you want to float with the rest of us for related activities to keep the conference energy going. 
The one thing we will NOT do for our attendees is a big break from all other conferences:  we won’t be giving out power point slide decks;-)
- Nancy V.